What’s Your Plan?

Your drive and ambition are the keys to your success. Whether you’re leading a company or have built your own, your day-to-day just doesn’t look like everyone else’s. And your finances won’t look like everyone else’s, either.

Navigating your complex financial life can be overwhelming when you take the journey alone. The advisors of Charter Oak Wealth Management—the financial planning arm of Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co.—are your partners along the road. We deliver a high-touch, team-based approach to tax and estate planning, business-succession planning, investment strategies and management, cash flow analysis, risk management and planning for special needs family members.

Working with us is like enlisting your own personal CFO to help you improve the efficiency of your wealth and lessen the risks that are associated with high net worth.


We know you’re exploring concierge-level services for a reason. The infrastructure and experience of our team supports your high expectations for expertise, responsiveness and creativity. As an in-house division of an established financial services company, we’re uniquely positioned to address the specific situations and needs each client brings to the table.



Engagement begins with a full intake of your existing financial picture. Cash flow, tax returns, estate planning documents, investment and retirement accounts, insurance policies, company benefits and all relevant business documents are reviewed and analyzed.


We use the information you’ve provided to create models that compare your goals to the timeframes in which they should be achieved. This process helps us to determine whether your behaviors and decisions are aligned with your goals, and whether all of your financial components are working together as efficiently as possible.


With all of the information we’ve gathered, we make recommendations for your plan. Once agreed upon, we’ll work with you and your other advisors, such as attorneys and CPAs, to execute the plan.


Once the fully implemented plan is in place, we’ll meet quarterly to monitor all the moving pieces and take any corrective actions needed as circumstances change.