Neil Nissen

Managing Director

The Role
Neil is responsible for recruiting, training, and mentoring teams of advisors in Charter Oak’s Manhattan office.

The Story
Neil Nissen was just a Brooklyn high-schooler when he first saw it on the back of a t-shirt, of all places: Success is doing all the little things others aren’t willing to do.

Perhaps these words simply appealed to the competitive athlete in Neil. Maybe they resonated because Neil recognized their truth firsthand: His grandfather had been determined to be more than a laborer, starting his tool-wholesaling company from scratch, and taking a risk to create a better life for his family. Whatever the case, the spirit of this quote has shaped Neil’s life ever since.

Neil originally set out to become a sports agent. When he realized he was mostly drawn to helping athletes protect their finances after their careers ended, he changed course and headed toward financial services. True to the words that inspired him so many years ago, he did “all the little things” to build his own successful practice, eventually moving into the leadership role he occupies today. Neil leads by his own example as he guides his team in building successful careers for themselves.

As a husband and a father of four, Neil is diligent about balancing his home life with work, another example set by his grandfather. When the Nissens aren’t traveling to hockey tournaments, they’re spending time together at home in Bayside, Queens.