Lily Ku

Senior Managing Director

The Role

Lily Ku is responsible for recruiting, training and developing Chinese American financial advisors to help their community build strong financial futures.

​The Story

When Lily Ku immigrated to the United States in 1995, she came with two people—her husband and their young son—and two things—a suitcase of clothes and $400 in her pocket. It was a leap of faith the Ku-Zhang family could only hope would result in a shining future.

The financial uncertainty of those early days stuck with Lily, even as she found her footing in a new job and assimilated to a new culture. When a friend introduced her to a job as an insurance advisor, she felt she’d finally found a way to help others like her avoid the same uncertainty. That’s when Lily Ku took a second leap of faith.

Lily’s conviction for helping her community has led her from successful private practice to the role of a lauded leader whose professional footprint in New York City is widely known and well regarded. Lily is inspired every day to teach her advisors what she herself truly believes: They aren’t simply offering products to their clients. They’re offering integrity, responsibility, caring, and knowledge.

It’s not surprising that outside of work, Lily is known as someone who brings everyone together. She considers her friends and colleagues her extended family. She enjoys traveling and otherwise spending time with her family whenever she can. As for her immediate family, she and her husband live in Flushing and are the proud parents of two grown sons.