Jason Castaldi

Managing Director

The Role
Jason leads a team of advisors in Charter Oak’s Norwalk office. He models for his team the traits he believes are necessary for their success―drive, discipline, accountability, and process―which he also brings to his own personal practice.

The Story
Jason’s career in financial services began when an “”aha”” moment collided at exactly the right time with an introduction to his future boss. Jason remembers it as feeling a pull to do something more meaningful with his life. While he mulled his options, a friend mentioned that someone from their hometown was building a team at a nearby financial services firm. That firm was Charter Oak, and Jason joined its newly minted Greenwich office on a gut instinct. He knew immediately he had landed in the right place.

Today Jason balances a successful personal practice with his leadership role. It’s the perfect blend for someone who says he loves helping people who sincerely want to be helped. Accessibility has been key to Jason’s effectiveness with both his advisors and his clients. As a fitness enthusiast himself, he counts professional bodybuilders, fitness models and supplement companies among his diverse client base. Working with so many types of families, professionals and business owners has made him an ideal mentor for his advisors as they build practices of their own.

When Jason isn’t spending time out of the office with his wife and two daughters, he can be found at the gym, or out on the water with a fishing pole in hand.