Managing Director

The Role

Chris is responsible for the mentorship and development of his advisors, as well as for attracting new talent to his team.

The Story
It seems like a zig-zag of a career path—early dreams of becoming a doctor give way to studies in marine-biology-turned-business-management, take a left into modifying race cars for a living, and finally land at financial services—but if you know Chris Davey, this journey makes perfect sense.

Success in all these pursuits have relied on Chris’s diagnostician’s instincts, his desire to make a positive impact, and a refusal to be anything but excited to go into work every day. At Charter Oak, these traits allow Chris to lead a team of advisors who are well matched to their careers and feel connected to their work.

Rarely content if his mind isn’t absorbing something new, Chris spends his time outside of the office immersed in his eclectic interests: numismatics, horology, automotive racing, Boston sports, chess, art, history, and statistics.

Chris splits his time between Canton, Conn. and Boston, Mass.