Alison Derham

Director of Training + Development

The Role

Alison is the architect of Charter Oak’s training and development program, responsible for curriculum creation, skills training and ongoing development of the firm’s advisors.

The Story

Alison is a career-long trainer, recruited into both the position and industry right out of college. She spent her early years pouring herself into building processes and curricula that, by all accounts, made her successful in her role, but it wasn’t until her own husband became an advisor that the lights really turned on. Being directly connected to the challenges he faced every day helped Alison reorient her approach to something even deeper and more meaningful—both for herself and Charter Oak’s advisors.

The same pieces of advice she gives the professionals in her care—listen first, be open to feedback, and be proud of what you do—are what guide her own work. Her unique blend of coach, teacher and nurturer has allowed Alison to create a learning environment that’s both supportive and rigorous.

Outside of Charter Oak, Alison enjoys cooking, traveling, and attempting to golf. She hopes to one day play better than her husband of eight years, Chris Derham.