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Skilled, connected, and confident advisors simply serve their clients better. The Practice Blueprint system—created by Charter Oak Financial—provides integrated, supportive navigation in the four key areas that make up a successful practice.

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Learning Partnership

Our multi-phase in-house training program is the result of years of insight into what works to develop successful financial services professionals. Combining the best of online learning, classroom learning and experiential learning, our holistic program moves intuitively through the knowledge necessary to build and sustain a practice, with equal emphasis on skills mastery, product knowledge, and sales psychology. Here, your financial education never ends.

Practice Optimization

The practice optimization process at Charter Oak is like having your own in-house business consultant. With objectivity and expertise, we’ll help you step outside your practice to diagnose areas for improvement, and coordinate the right firm resources to help you achieve your goals. Increase activity, develop productive habits, and hold yourself accountable so that you can ultimately run your business at optimal levels.

Case Design Center

Through our case design center, you’ll gain access to the Financial Blueprint, Charter Oak’s proprietary benchmark planning system. Designed to be turnkey, repeatable, and individualized to every client, the Financial Blueprint will help you run efficient fact-finding meetings, make confident product recommendations, and deliver your guidance in a professional, personalized package. Supported by a team of product specialists, the Financial Blueprint helps to reduce your learning curve, build your confidence, and deliver on the promise you make to your clients.

Brand Building

You are your brand. We’ll help you leverage your unique story—in conjunction with Charter Oak’s larger brand presence—through a guided track that combines traditional and digital marketing channels, social media, and target markets. Tiered resources appropriate for all advisor levels and four full-time in-house experts provide a solid branding foundation, with room to grow as your business evolves.

WATCH | How The Practice Blueprint helps redefine possible for your career.

WATCH | How The Practice Blueprint helps redefine possible for your career.


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